Conference Paper 19,341

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Synthesis of Micro-encapsulated Phase Change Materials Using Chain Transfer Agent via Emulsion Polymerization최선
2020-01Global Protein Expression related the Stringent Response in Ribosome of Vibrio cholerae using TMT Labeling with High-Resolution Quantitative Proteomic Analysis손정현; 조요셉; Hwa Young Kim, et al
2020-01Validation and Evaluation of the Reagents for Automated Hematology Analyzer손정현; 조요셉; 박진우, et al
2020-01Development of an efficient pretreatment process for food materials containing prohibited substances using Liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry손정현; 박하나
2020-01Urine Metabolomic Profiles for Doping Diagnosis손정현; 박진우; Soo Hyun Lee, et al
2020-02A Study on the 2D GPS/INS Integration Positioning using Smartphone Sensors for Land Vehicle Navigation이택진; 신동현; 이정호, et al
2019-12Bioremediation stretegy for petroleum-contaminated soil in Mongolia정성필; Buyan Chuluun; Ninjbadgar Batkhuyag, et al
2019-12Assimilable organic carbon removal in simulated aquifer storage and recovery system정성필; 최재우; 조경진, et al
2018-04광-펜톤을이용한테트라사이클린제거이상협; 박정안; 김재현, et al
2017-11GO/PVDF 전기방사나노섬유멤브레인을이용한테트라사이클린제거이상협; 최재우; 박정안, et al
2017-11UV, UV/H2O2 공정을 이용한 테트라사이클린 제거율 비교이상협; 박정안; 김재현, et al
2017-11ZirconiumMetal-Organic Framework를이용한phosphate흡착제거이상협; 최재우; 김재현, et al
2017-11Mesoporous silica 표면 개질을 통한 Microcystin-LR 제거이상협; 박정안; 정성목, et al
2019-07Influence of Cryogenic Fluid on the Friction Interactions in the Ball Bearing consisting of Ag-coated Races and PTFE Cage이용복; 곽원일
2019-10Thermomechanical characteristics of a shape memory polymer for a variable stiffness mechanism in medical applications김승원
2019-10Tumor-on-a-chip: Multiple?Cell?Interacting?Model with?Diffusion?Switching?System서승범; 조성현; 최형석
2019-12Synthesis of Zr-based metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for tetracycline antibiotics adsorption이상협; 최재우; 남혜림, et al
2019-10Optimization study for Tumor Targeting using Bacterial based MicroBio-Robotic서승범; 조임현; 김은수
2019-01Analysis of Tensile Thermal Properties of Field's metal for Design of Variable Stiffness Mechanism김승원; 강기훈
2019-12UV-LED/H2O2를 이용한 조류 유래 독성물질 제거이상협; 최재우; 양보람, et al