Article 24,629

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Synthesis and evaluation of 6-pyrazoylamido-3N-substituted azabicyclo[3,1,0]hexane derivatives as T-type calcium channel inhibitors for treatment of neuropathic pain남길수; 김정현
2016-11Electrical stimulation inhibits cytosine arabinoside-induced neuronal death by preventing apoptosis in dorsal root ganglion neurons윤인찬; 김형민; 한성민, et al
2016-10Highly stable and magnetically separable alginate/Fe3O4 composite for the removal of strontium (Sr) from seawater정현수; Hye-Jin Hong; Byoung-Gyu Kim, et al
2016-10Complex High-Aspect-Ratio Metal Nanostructures by Secondary Sputtering Combined with Block Copolymer Self-Assembly정현수; Hwan-Jin Jeon; Ju Young Kim, et al
2016-09Synergistic effect of hybrid graphene nanoplatelet and multi-walled carbon nanotube fillers on the thermal conductivity of polymer composites and theoretical modeling of the synergistic effect김성륜; 유재상; 김현수, et al
2016-10Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity in polymer composites filled with self-hybrid expanded graphite fillers김성륜; 정용채; 김현수, et al
2016-07Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites With Geometric Characteristics of Carbon Allotropes구본철; 김성륜; 김현수, et al
2016-06Motion Recognition-Based 3D Pedestrian Navigation System Using Smartphone이석; 김재헌; 이택진, et al
2016-09LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Analysis of Growth Hormone- Releasing Peptides and Secretagogues in Human Urine권오승; 이강미; 김호준, et al
2015-05Thermal conductivity of polymer composites with the geometrical characteristics of graphene nanoplatelets김성륜; 유재상; 김현수, et al
2016-10Using TiO2 Mesoflower Interlayer in Tubular Porous Titanium Membranes for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Filtration이중기; Gui-Cheng Liu; Xinyang Li, et al
2016-08Mechanistic Insight into the Chemical Exfoliation and Functionalization of Ti3C2 MXene이광렬; 히로시 미즈세키; Pooja Srivastava, et al
2016Primary and secondary gait deviations of stroke survivors and their association with gait performance김진욱; 문경률; 전성국, et al
2016-09Enhanced Surface Passivation of Colloidal CdSe Nanocrystals for Improved Efficiency of Nanocrystal/Polymer Hybrid Solar Cells김인호; 최재영; Ghassan Jabbour
2016-10Voltage attenuation along the electrodes of ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Hubert Kim; Maurizio Porfiri
2016-10Field-free switching of perpendicular magnetization through spin?orbit torque in antiferromagnet/ferromagnet/oxide structures민병철; 박은상; 양창근, et al
2016-09Sequential assessment via daphnia and zebrafish for systematic toxicity screening of heterogeneous substances이관희; 장근혁; 강정민, et al
2016-10Multifaceted toxicity assessment of catalyst composites in transgenic zebrafish embryos이관희; 김상훈; 최재원, et al
2016-09Safety of simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty using an extramedullary referencing system: results from 2098 consecutive patients김영준; 서재곤; 김상민, et al
2016-11Robust NdBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5 cathode material and its degradation prevention operating logic for intermediate temperaturesolid oxide fuel cells이승철; 황준연; 이태호, et al