Article 24,592

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09Effect of p-GaN hole concentration on the stabilization and performance of a graphene current spreading layer in near-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes김명종; 서태훈; 민정홍, et al
2017-01Removal of copper, nickel and chromium mixtures from metal plating wastewater by adsorption with modified carbon foam이상협; 박찬혁; 최재우, et al
2016-01Two-dimensional modelling of benzene transport and biodegradation in a laboratory-scale aquifer최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Song-Bae Kim, et al
2009-11New method for determination of equilibrium/kinetic sorption parameters최재우; Soon-Jae Lee; Seung-Gun Chung, et al
2009-05Adsorption of zinc and toluene by alginate complex impregnated with zeolite and activated carbon최재우; Ki-Seok Yang; Dong-Ju Kim, et al
2008-08Regeneration of AG-AC beads for adsorption of monoaromatic compounds최재우; Seung-Gun Chung; Dong-Ju Kim, et al
2016-09Direct analysis of prostaglandin-E2 and -D2 produced in an inflammatory cell reaction and its application for activity screening and potency evaluation using turbulent flow chromatography liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry강경수; 최용수; 신정숙, et al
2006-07Effect of dissolved oxygen regime on growth dynamics of Pseudomonas spp. during benzene degradation최재우; Basuvaraj Mahendran; Nag-Cheol Choi, et al
2005-12Modeling of growth kinetics for Pseudomonas spp. during benzene degradation최재우; Dong-Ju Kim; Nag-Cheul Choi, et al
2005-08Analysis of benzene transport in a two-dimensional aquifer model최재우; Heon-Cheol Ha; Song-Bae Kim, et al
2007-01Sorption kinetics of aqueous benzene for attached bacteria on sorbents최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Basuvaraj Mahendran, et al
2007-10Novel three-stage kinetic model for aqueous benzene adsorption on activated carbon최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Soon-Jae Lee, et al
2008-11Modeling of growth kinetics for Pseudomonas putida during toluene degradation최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Song-Bae Kim, et al
2007-02Desorption kinetics of benzene in a sandy soil in the presence of powdered activated carbon최재우; Song-Bae Kim; Dong-Ju Kim
2016-03Pupil Size in Relation to Cortical States during Isoflurane Anesthesia최지현; 금정은; 한효빈
2013-01Photoresponse mechanisms of ultraviolet photodetectors based on colloidal ZnO quantum dot-graphene nanocomposites손동익; 양희연; 김태환, et al
2016-03A fluorogenic substrate of beta-lactamases and its potential as a probe to detect the bacteria resistant to the third-generation oxyimino-cephalosporins안대로; 히엔 타이; 민선준, et al
2016-08Engineering structures and functions of mesenchymal stem cells by suspended large-area graphene nanopatterns김홍남; Jangho Kim; Won-Gyu Bae, et al
2016-04Biophysical and chemical handles to control the size of DNA nanoparticles produced by rolling circle amplification안대로; 김경란; 이소연, et al
2016-02Nano-formulation of a photosensitizer using a DNA tetrahedron and its potential for i vivo photodynamic therapy안대로; 김경란; 방두희