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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Identification of the microbes mediating Fe reduction in a deep saline aquifer and their influence during managed aquifer recharge고명수; 조경진; 정다운, et al
2016-03Hydro- and solvothermolysis of kraft lignin for maximizing production of monomeric aromatic chemicals이홍식; 제정호; 하정명, et al
2016-03Efficient protein digestion using highly-stable and reproducible trypsin coatings on magnetic nanofibers이병수; 김병찬; 장문석, et al
2016-03In-situ synthesis of graphene-encapsulated gold nanoparticle hybrid electrodes for non-enzymatic glucose sensingTran Duy Thanh; Jayaraman Balamurugan; 황준연, et al
2016-03Effect of Amino Acids on the Generation of Ginsenoside Rg3 Epimers by Heat Processing and the Anticancer Activities of Epimers in A2780 Human Ovarian Cancer Cells박준연; 최필주; 이다혜, et al
2016-03Plug-and-play measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution최유준; 권오성; 우민기, et al
2016-03Ethanol production from lignocellulosic hydrolysates using engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae harboring xylose isomerase-based pathway고자경; 엄영순; 우한민, et al
2016-03Synthesis of manganese oxide microparticles using supercritical water김민수; 홍승아; 신내철, et al
2016-03A remote-controlled generation of gold@polydopamine (core@shell) nanoparticles via physical-chemical stimuli of polydopamine/gold composites이이슬; 배지영; 구혜영, et al
2016-03Electrochemical Investigations on TiO2-B Nanowires as a Promising High Capacity Anode for Sodium-ion Batteries이정연; 이중기; 정경윤, et al
2016-03Band gap modified boron doped NiO/Fe3O4 nanostructure as the positive elctrode for high energy asymmetric supercapacitorsSanjit Saha; Milan jana; KHANRA PARTHA, et al
2016-03Investigation on the Structural Evolutions during the Insertion of Aluminum Ions into Mo6S8 Chevrel Phase이보은; 이해리; 임태은, et al
2016-03Double Blockade of Glioma Cell Proliferation and Migration by Temozolomide Conjugated with NPPB, a Chloride Channel Blocker.박미리; 송치만; 윤호종, et al
2016-03Open-gate mutants of the mammalian proteasome show enhanced ubiquitin-conjugate degradation최원훈; Stefanie A.H. de Poot; 이정훈, et al
2016-03Directed migration of cancer clls by the graded texture of the underlying matrixJinSeok Park; Deok-Ho Kim; 김홍남, et al
2016-03Morphological Studies of Magnesium Hydroxide Particles on Mechanical Properties of Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Composites장혜정; 박성빈; Min Kyu Oh, et al
2016-03Radiopaque and biodegradable polydioxanone stent coated with hyaluronic acid-dopamine conjugate최슬기; 이유진; Min Kyu Oh, et al
2016-03Synergistic effects of stabilizers and plasticizers on physico-mechanical properties of poly(lactic acid)강은영; 이유진; 강종희, et al
2016-03Sustained release of nitric oxide from coronary stents using layer-by-layer coating with liposome and polymer마무드 엘나갈; 한동근; 정윤기
2016-03Transformation an acetone-butanol-ethanol(ABE) mixture to biogasoline by using one-pot alkylation and hydrodeoxygenation여승미; Huyen Thanh Vo; 이현주, et al