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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11A simple isocratic HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of bioactive components of Scutellariae Radix extract누럴; 정혜진; 김동현, et al
2017-01Absorption mechanism of DHP107, an oral paclitaxel formulation that forms a hydrated lipidic sponge phase정혜선; 장유라; 정혜진, et al
2004-10Carbon nanofibrous materials prepared from electrospun polymeric nanofiners for hydrogen storage박선호; 김병철; 정혜진, et al
2015-12Design of a Monolithic Photoelectrochemical Tandem Cell for Solar Water Splitting with a Dye-sensitized Solar Cell and WO3/BiVO4 Photoanode채상윤; 정혜진; 주오심, et al
2011-09Design, synthesis, bioconversion, and pharmacokinetics evaluation of new ester prodrugs of olmesartan장정수; 엘가말; 이웅산, et al
2004-04Determination of 1-(3-fluoro-4-hydroxy-5-mercaptomethyl-tetrahydrofuran-2-yl)-5-methyl-1H-pyrimidine-2,4-dione in rat plasma and urine by high-performance liquid chromatography정혜진; 김유철; 구창휘, et al
2013-03Discovery of olmesartan hexetil: A new potential prodrug of olmesartan모하메드엘가말; Hanan S. Anbar; 정혜진, et al
2004-04Dose-dependent pharmacokinetics of KR-31378, a new neuroprotective agent for ischaemia-reperfusion damage in dogs김선옥; Kwak, S-H; Lee, BH, et al
2009-07Effect of P-glycoprotein on the tissue distribution of DHP107, oral paclitaxel formulation홍정완; 정혜진; 이인현, et al
2015-03Effect of Si/TiO2/BiVO4 Heterojunction on Onset Potential of Photocurrents for Solar Water oxidation정혜진; 채상윤; 신창환, et al
2007-09Effects of Diosmin, a Flavonoid Glycoside in Citrus fruits, on P-glycoprotein-Mediated Drug Efflux in Human Intestinal Caco-2 Cells유혜현; 이미진; 정혜진, et al
2008-11Effects of E. Coli lipopolysaccharide on the pharmacokinetics of ipriflavone and its metabolites, M1 and M5, after intravenous and oral administration of ipriflavone to rats: decreased metabolism of ipriflavone due to decreased expression of hepatic CYP1A2 and 2C11정혜진; 강희은; 배은주, et al
2006-04Effects of enzyme inducers and inhibitors on the pharmacokinetics of intravenous ipriflavone in rats정혜진; 최영희; 이명걸, et al
2011-10Effects of Pregnancy-Specific Somatotropins on Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Expression in Human Hepatocytes정혜진; Liam Fischer; Hyunyoung Jeong
2008-08Effects of water deprivation for 72 h on the pharmacokinetics of ipriflavone in rats정혜진; 이명걸
2007-10Effects of water deprivation on the pharmacokinetics of theophylline and one of its metabolites, 1,3-dimethyluric acid, after intravenous and oral administration of aminophylline to rats최혜덕; 강희은; 정혜진, et al
2002-12Efficient macrocyclization for cyclicpeptide using solid-phase reaction김중협; 홍일기; 김효정, et al
2016-07Electrochemical CO2 reduction with transition metal coordinated N-doped carbon황윤정; 정혜진
2016-02Electrospun Mo-doped BiVO4 photoanode on a transparent conductive substrate for solar water oxidation정혜진; 채상윤; 김홍곤, et al
2005-01Electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride)-based carbon nanofibers for hydrogen storage정혜진; 이도원; 조성무, et al
2008-02Enzymatic C-demethylation of 1-[2-(5-tert-Butyl-[1,3,4] oxadiazole-2-carbonyl)-4-fluoro-pyrrolidin-1-yl]-2-(2-hydroxy-1,1-dimethyl-ethylamino)-ethanone (LC15-0133) in Rat liver microsomes유혜현; 정혜진; 이재익, et al
2008-05IN VITRO METABOLISM OF LC15-0133유혜현; 정혜진; 김동현
2009-09Ipriflavone pharmacokinetics in mutant Nagase analbuminemic rats정혜진; 강희은; 양경희, et al
2011-03Isoform-specific regulation of cytochrome P450 expression and activity by estradiol in female ratsSu-Young Choi; Liam Fischer; Kyunghee Yang, et al
2010-12KST5468, a new T-type calcium channel antagonist, has an antinociceptive effect on inflammatory and neuropathic pain models이민주; 신태전; 이지은, et al
2014-08Morphology control of one-dimensional heterojunctions for highly efficient photoanodes used for solar water splitting채상윤; 정혜진; 전효상, et al
2009-07Negligible Effect of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on the Pharmacokinetics of Cilostazol정혜진; 김남선; 김은정, et al
2009-05Negligible effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on the pharmacokinetics of cilostazol정혜진; 김남선; 김은정, et al
2010-10Novel amides and esters prodrugs of olmesartan: Synthesis, bioconversion, and pharmacokinetic evaluation박진헌; 장정수; 엘가말, et al
2006-10Pharmacokinetic changes of ipriflavone in rats with acute renal failure induced by uranyl nitrate정혜진; 이명걸