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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-082D/3D registration method for a single X-ray image and 3D geometrical data of a whole leg이득희; 김래현; 김영준, et al
2016-063D Inspection by Registration of CT and Dual X-ray Images이득희; 김영준; 김원태
2018-063D Pose Estimation of Catheter Band Markers based on Single-Plane Fluoroscopy이득희; 황상철
2012-063D Position and Rotation Tracking of Multiple Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments Using Single Camera신상균; 이득희; 김영준, et al
2011-013D Positional and Rotational Tracking of Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments신상균; 김영준; 곽현수, et al
2012-123D Preoperative Planning of Robotic Intracerebral Hematoma (ICH) Removal Surgery최진혁; 김영준; 이득희, et al
2013-103D Preoperative Surgical Planning Software for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction최진혁; 임성환; 김영준, et al
2011-023D Tracking of Surgical Instruments Using a Single Camera for Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation신상균; 김영준; 곽현수, et al
2009-10A control framework for the non-invasive ultrasound theragnostic system노리히로 고이즈미; 서준호; 유고 스즈키, et al
2008-09A Controller by Using Notch filter for the Non-Invasive Ultrasound Theragnostic SystemNorihiro Koizumi; 이득희; Kohei Ota, et al
2007-05A Framework of the Feed-Forward Controller of the Integrated System for Non-Invasive Ultrasound Diagnosis and TreatmentNorihiro Koizumi; Kohei Ota; 이득희, et al
2008-08A Framework of the Non-Invasive Ultrasound Theragnostic SystemNorihiro Koizumi; 이득희; Kohei Ota, et al
2008-08A Framework of the Non-Invasive Ultrasound Therapeutic SystemNorihiro Koizumi; 이득희; Kohei Ota, et al
2015-10A Method for Fluoroscopy Based Navigation System to Assist Needle Insertion Concerning Reduced Radiation Exposure for Endoscopic Disc Surgery박진곤; 윤현민; 윤시엽, et al
2013-10A New Method for Robotic calibration of HIFU Transducer차오름; 임성환; 이득희
2013-06A new optical coherence tomography system guided by active cannulas김수현; 문효원; 신현준, et al
2012-10A Novel, Robust Method of Measuring IMT(intima-media thickness) Using Graph Cut and Snake Model in Ultrasound Imaging서재언; 이득희
2013-10A Phantom Study on the Propagation of NIR Rays under the Skin for Designing a Novel Vein-Visualizing Device이상준; 박세형; 이득희
2014-10A Single Camera Tracking System for 3D Position, Grasper Angle, and Rolling Angle of Laparoscopic Instruments신상균; 김영준; 조현철, et al
2006-07A Study of Autonomous Model Tracking in Sequential Ultrasound Images이득희; Norihiro KOIZUMI; Kohei OTA, et al
2016-01A study on optimal design of bone plate for the mandibular condyle neck fracture case박지연; 이득희; 노건우
2007-09A Study on Technologizing and Digitalization of Skills in Medical Ultrasound Diagnosis and TherapyNorihiro KOIZUMI; Kohei OTA; 이득희, et al
2015-08Active Contour Segmentation using Level Set Function with Enhanced Image from Prior Intensity김선희; 김영준; 이득희, et al
2015-09Application of Calibration Techniques to Enhance Accuracy of Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hematoma Surgery박규식; 윤현민; 신상균, et al
2016-07Arthroscopically blind anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using only navigation guidance: a cadaveric study박세형; 이득희; 김영준, et al
2016-05Automatic Multi-segmentation of Abdominal Organs by Level Set with Weighted Global and Local Forces이득희; 말린다 바니아; 김선희
2013-06Automatic Segmentation Method for Facial Skin on Computed Tomography Image김선희; 최진혁; 김영준, et al
2014-08Automatic Segmentation of Leg Bones by Using Active Contours김선희; 김영준; 박세형, et al
2012-10Carving Mesh with Deformation for Soft Tissue Removal Simulation김영준; 이승빈; Frederick Roy, et al
2008-06Construction Methodology for Non-Invasive Ultrasound Theragnostic SystemNorihiro KOIZUMI; 이득희; Kohei OTA, et al