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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-122DPCA-based method for place classification using range scan박순용; 박성기
2015-02A 3D-grasp synthesis algorithm to grasp unknown objects based on graspable boundary and convex segmentsAla, RajeshKanna; 김동환; 신성열, et al
2003-07A hybrid visual servoing method with stereo camera for door opening.박성기; 한명수; 이순걸, et al
2011-06A New Automatic Parameter Setting Method of a simplified PCNN for Image Segmentation; 박성기; Yide Ma, et al
2005-04A New Facial Features and Face Detection Method for Human-Robot Interaction이태근; 박성기; 박민용
2002-10A new landmark-based visual servoing with stereo camera for door opening한명수; 이순걸; 박성기, et al
2015-01A New Lane Detection Method Based on Vanishing Point Estimation with Probabilistic Voting유주한; 김동환; 박성기
2004-09A new Mobile Robot With A Passive Mechanism and A Stereo Vision System for Hazardous Terrain Exploration윤석준; 우춘규; 최현도, et al
2002-11A new refinement method for structure from stereo motion박성기; 권인소
2009-09A New Shape-Based Object Category Recognition Technique using Affine Category Shape Model김동환; 최유경; 박성기
2001-10A refinement method for structure from stereo motion박성기; 김문상; 권인소
2016-01A robot-assisted behavioral intervention system for children with autism spectrum disorders윤상석; 김혁수; 최종석, et al
2015-06A Robotic System with Behavioral Intervention facilitating Eye Contact and Facial Emotion Recognition of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders윤상석; 김혁수; 최종석, et al
2014-08A robotic treatment approach to promote social interaction skills for children with autism spectrum disorders윤상석; 박성기; 최종석
2015-03A Robust Power Transmission Lines Detection Method Based on Probabilistic Estimation of Vanishing Point유주한; 김동환; 이석, et al
2006-05An effective method for detecting facial features and face in human-robot interaction이태근; 박성기; 박민용
2014-03An Interactive Robot Facilitating Social Skills for Children윤상석; 박성기; 최종석
2002-05An iterative method for improving bas-relief ambiguity박성기; 김문상; 권인소
2003-10An obstacle detection and avoidance method for mobile robot using a stereo camera combined with a laser slit김철호; 이태근; 박성기, et al
2001-03Building of occupancy grid map of an autonomous mobile robot based on stereo vision김종협; 최창혁; 송재복, et al
2015-01Categorical Object Recognition Method Robust to Scale Changes Using Depth Data From an RGB-D Sensor유주한; 김동환; 박성기
2009-10Coarse-to-Fine Global Localization for Mobile Robots with Hybrid Maps of Objects and Spatial Layouts박순용; 정호원; 박성기
2008-10Coarse-to-Fine Vision-based Localization for Mobile Robots Using an Object and Spatial Layout-based Hybrid Map박순용; 김수환; 박성기
2011-08Context-based object recognition for door detection김수환; 정호원; 김동환, et al
2005-07Development of Mandibular Movements Measuring System Using Double-Stereo Cameras박순용; 박성기; 조창현, et al
2003-10Development of pose-invariant face recognition system for mobile robot applications이태근; 박성기; 김문상, et al
2008-09Direct depth and color-based environment modeling and mobile robot navigation박순용; 박민용; 박성기
2004-01Direct Depth and Color-based Environment Modeling for Mobile Robot Navigation박성기; 김문상; 이종원
2000-01Direct estimation of 3-D motion and scene depth from stereo image sequences박성기; 권인소
2006-06Estimating 3D Human Body Pose from Stereo Image Sequences양희덕; 박성기; 이성환